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Modular Home and Land Packages

Built on Your Lot or Our Lot

Have Land
Choose your perfect home from dozens of well-designed floor plans. Your home will be constructed, to 70% completion, in a controlled factory environment saving you time and money. The remaining elements will be constructed on your lot by our experienced construction team.

**Factory tours are available upon request.

Need Land
We have a team of real estate brokers ready to assist you with your land and home package.
Choose from our 1 acre wooded lots or any properly listed "lot" on the MLS. We will bundle it with
all the necessary construction elements under one loan. You will be in a new home in no time!

Construction elements options for your new home package:

Foundation – A specially designed engineered foundation is a critical component of a properly erected home. Proper drainage and a firm footing is a required. We can take care of this for you.
Country Modular Home with Add-ons in Austin, TX

Septic System – City sewer services are ideal but most often unavailable in rural areas. In this case, our construction team can install a private septic system as part of your overall package.
Country Modular Home with Add-ons in Austin, TX

Water System – Running water may be as simple as running water lines to an existing water meter. It
might also include installing a water meter or digging a water well. We can handle any requirement.
Country Modular Home with Add-ons in Austin, TX

Electric Connection – Power up! We'll make sure to get power to your new home whether it be breaker panels, electric meters, meter loops, power lines, or power poles leave the electricity to us.
Country Modular Home with Add-ons in Austin, TX

Decks, Skirting, Portico, Dormers, Garages, and More – It is time to turn your house into a beautiful home. Make your dream come true, just customize with decks, skirting, porches, fencing, portico (carports), dormers, and garages. Our expert craftsmen can build everything you ever dreamed of.
Country Modular Home with Add-ons in Austin, TX

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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Local Company in business more than 60 years
  • Our mission is to provide quality modular housing for families in Central Texas
  • Our modular homes are built to code and are of a higher quality than a site built home