Austin Modular Home and Land Packages

Built on Your Lot or Our Lot

Modular Homes Austin is a full-service partner to help you become a property owner with land and a home ready to enjoy. Our home and land packages are popular with our customers who want to become new homeowners on their own terms, with the ability to choose their home layout and fit-out their land as they want to, and to be involved in every step of the process—right down to factory tours available on request from potential customers, or those with a home fabrication already in process.

Our packages are also well suited for families seeking a county home as a quiet and affordable escape where they can make memories in a home away from home. Thanks to our turnkey services, you can make all the selections and then let the experts do their jobs, from fabrication to site preparations to installation.

Our packages

Our packages are flexible enough to accommodate your needs, including families who wish to purchase land for their home’s construction or for buyers who already own raw land and need to prepare it and build on it before it truly becomes a primary or country residence.

We have a team of real estate brokers ready to work together with you on your custom land and home package. To make the process simple, our team will help you choose from any of our currently available one-acre wooded lots, or search high and low for any suitable property or lot listed on the MLS professional real estate index. You can look at photos and visit lots in person until the right one just “clicks.” Once it’s time to buy, our modular homes team in Austin will walk you through the sales process and paperwork so you can continue working with the same people instead of constantly changing agents, brokers, banks, and lawyers. Our team can even bundle your purchase with all the necessary construction elements into a single loan, so your package is simple and straightforward for the duration of the construction project.

For homeowners with their own property, you’ll be able to jump right to reviewing the home layouts Modular Homes Austin can create. Once you’ve chosen the right one for your family size and lifestyle, our professional fabrication team will build the module elements off-site in our own factory, which is both cost- and labor-efficient. Factory tours are available upon request.

Our process

To properly complete your project, Modular Home Austin includes land preparation in our home and land package. After you’ve chosen all the details of your home layout and purchased a lot, our package options can include any necessary prep work depending on the state of your land. That includes:

Engineering a level foundation with safe drainage

Modular Home Foundation

Inspection of the land

Installing a private septic system for lots not connected to city sewer lines

Modular Home Septic System

A Private Septic System

Planning a water system, including running water lines, installing a water meter, or digging a new well

Modular Home Water System

Water System planning

Hooking up electrical systems, meters, breakers, and power lines as needed to light and heat your home

Modular Home Electric Connection

Hooking up electrical systems

Building the right details to make your house a real home, like adding optional features such as patios, garages, dormers, porticos, skirting, and more

Modular Home Deck in Austin

Adding optional features to your Home

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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Locally owned and operated for more than 60 years
  • Our homes are built to higher quality standards
  • Our realtors help you find land for your home